Balancing Act

As I begin the process of retooling and restructuring my day-to-day life and source(s) of income, I am continually conscious of staying mentally and physically healthy, as well as being inspired by the people around me. 

I do a lot of things to try and stay healthy: walks by the lakes of Minneapolis, bubble baths, Mexican food, wine with friends, and snuggling with my cat are just a few. On the exercise front, I find a lot of comfort in running and yoga.

My friend Calley recently started teaching at Yoga Garden in Minneapolis, and I just went to my first class with her last week. It was so wonderful to just be present in a welcoming, airy space like Yoga Garden, and be led through poses with fellow yogis.

I felt particularly inspired to practice that day after reading the weekly message Calley had sent to her students:

"Finding Balance

It is part of the human experience to live in a bubble because we are limited to the perspective of what is around us.  Even people who are very worldly, in relative terms, live in their own version of a bubble because it is impossible to understand each and every version of the human experience in one lifetime.

... the thought of my mothers’ support for my career choices made me realize my own bubble. Not every female (still, sadly) has the kind of support to take professional risks. I’ve got a pretty cushy bubble here.

And this is balance:
(Lino Miele's Ashtanga Yoga)"

I understand that position of balance at this moment in time better than ever before. I'm lucky to have received these words at just this time in life, and to get them from a friend and fellow artist-preneur! Let's all strive for some balance AND risk taking!