On Insecurities and Dancing Better

A friend sent me a page she ripped out of a magazine with an interview with Arianna Huffington. Stylist.co.uk hosted this cool "Life Lessons" event where she was one of the speakers.

Alongside the fact that Huffington discusses making sure you get enough sleep (a cause near and dear to my heart), the part of the print article that stood out to me was her thoughts on personal insecurity. 

Ignore that negative voice in your head. I call mine my 'obnoxious roommate'...
There's nothing worse than comparing ourselves. Each one of us is unique and any time we spend comparing ourselves to others is like drinking poison. One of my favorite quotes is by dancer Mikhail Baryshinikov:

I don’t try to dance better than anyone else. I just try to dance better than myself.
 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I think it can be really easy to get bogged down with that negative voice, which so frequently tells us we're not good enough. One of the best things I heard when I was a waitress was a comment a former boss made at the end of a long shift, after we had all dealt with customers with various eccentricities and demands. "You never know what people walk in here with," she said. It's true. Even this week, I was shocked when a friend who is about to embark on a new business adventure spoke to me of her insecurities. To me, she is a paragon of talent and confidence. Obviously, she isn't perfect, but it was still almost shocking for me to hear that she doubts herself and her plans at all. From the outside looking in, I would have nothing but complete confidence in her. 

You never know. Maybe when you're busy comparing and doubting yourself, someone else is looking at you, wishing they were as talented and confident as you.

For me right now, focusing on The Career and The Art, I'm trying to tap into another Huffington quote from the actual Life Lessons event:

"However great your job is, who we are at our essence - despite that - is magnificent...tap into that: it's SO inspiring"