In Tandem With That Last Post

Hands down one of my favorite agencies is Bulldog Drummond out of San Diego (and not JUST cause I'm in love with San Diego). Not only do I enjoy their work, but they also post insightful, often humorous, and on-point blog entries.

I particularly enjoyed their "WILL YOU GO THROUGH 2015 OR GROW THROUGH 2015?" post. (And not just cause the author also comes out as a massive list-writer). All the items on the list resonated to some extent with me, but especially #4, the idea of "STOP/START/MUST DO" and #9:

Define and cement your purpose and what you want to get done in 2015. Map a clear and bold strategy for the most important initiatives you’ll embark upon. Create your mission and share it with your team, the consumer and your partners. Know what you’re going to focus on and then execute against it flawlessly. Get your team together, cook them breakfast, serve them burgers and tell them what you’re doing, and why and how you’re going to do it. Communicate successes, failures, rockstar moments and misses. Do this often, celebrate the small wins and share the losses. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

It's actually advice I frequently give to others, but am not always so good at following myself!