New Year New Words

 Image via Google LIFE archive

Image via Google LIFE archive

Last year I wrote about how by meditating on the short phrase "Let go" I would attempt to blog more. Instead I kind of "let go" of having any sort of blogging schedule or philosophy. Odd, because I wouldn't let this kind of thing fly in my professional life, and I guess I wasn't considering this website a part of my independent professional life (i.e. freelance). So while I was counseling clients on how to achieve a cohesive brand, I wasn't doing it for myself.

A big reason why is that I was simply tired. After years of juggling I found a great balance within my career. I now work two part time jobs, while still taking on freelance clients. In addition, I relocated from my city apartment home of the last eight years to a small cozy house in the suburbs with my boyfriend. Aside from being tired due to these major life changes, the days and weeks involved in these processes (process-i?) were exhilarating, beautiful, and inspiring. I had to think about "let go" a lot in this time, because I'm a bit of a control freak. I'm bossy and I like the be the person in charge with all the answers. Concentrating on letting go allowed me to be in the moment, and navigate these life changes while accepting that they would sometime be scary.

In October, I read this piece, which struck a chord with me. Maybe it was ok to be wholly invested in the life transitions I was in the midst of, and not feel guilty. 

At the same time, everything goes through ebbs and flows. Life happens, good and bad. New opportunities can take up a lot of our time that blogging once commandeered. That’s okay. Having a life outside of the internet is so, so important because that’s what fuels our souls.

In December I was at a play and overheard a lady talking to her companion. She was responding to a question about what she was working on, and after rambling for a bit, she blurted, "You know, Patti Smith, Picasso, they took YEARS off from making art! They didn't make ANY art for DECADES! YOU KNOW?" There was an edge of panic in her voice. Because these artists had done it, it must be ok, right? It was a sign for me that I don't need to validate my work or my schedule or any number of those things. Especially when so much love and inspiration was (and is) indeed still happening in my own daily life.

In part because of these thoughts, I've decided that my word for 2016 is TRUST. I like trust because it can be used as both a noun and a verb. I can work to build trust with my clients as I meet new people. At the same time, I can trust in myself to balance work and relationships. I can trust in my own artistic abilities. And I can try to trust the helpful criticism and kind support of those around me in all parts of my life.

Happy 2016.